As Twitchy reported earlier, Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be a guest on MSNBC for debate analysis Tuesday night. All of this was before Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe dropped that letter essentially saying the Russian collusion hoax was Hillary Clinton’s idea and President Barack Obama had been briefed on it. Rachel Maddow immediately went with the “Russian disinformation” angle, even though Ratcliffe issued an additional statement, saying that no, it wasn’t Russian disinformation.

So, would Maddow bring it up? She did, apologetically, and she almost hesitated to ask Clinton about the damning letter.

She’s just gonna keep rolling with the story that Russia swung the 2016 election to Donald Trump; otherwise, she would have won.

Too big to ignore? It was all over social media.

James Comey’s set to testify tomorrow … wonder what he’ll say?