It’s no secret that the Black Lives Matter movement has moved beyond U.S. borders, as protests are held all around the world. It’s also not surprising that China Xinhua News, the official press arm of the Chinese government, is promoting the idea that cops are running around with pitchforks and torches hunting blacks. We’d quote from the story if there was one, but instead, it’s just a cartoon. Why is one cop running with the Statue of Liberty’s torch? We don’t know.

It truly is a wonder that African-Americans don’t move to China where they can be free from racism.

They didn’t edit John Boyega out of that “Star Wars” poster … they just shrunk him so you couldn’t see him.

Nice that official state media says to #FightRacism but provides no statistics that show, “time and again,” anything. Great reporting. But it’s racism when President Trump calls COVID-19 the China virus.