Some advice: Be wary of any journalist who starts a piece with “some say” or “critics say” — it usually means they don’t have any sources and are expressing their own opinion. Sky News U.S. correspondent James Matthews notes Saturday that “critics say the president will refuse to hand over power if he loses the election — and that the appointment is part of his plan.”

We’ve read the piece so you don’t have to, and there’s very, very little said about Amy Coney Barrett besides some brief biographical details. Matthews is mostly concerned about Trump not promising a peaceful transition of power “win, lose, or draw.” Assuming Trump will not leave office voluntarily if he loses (after all the mail-in ballots are finally counted) — something a lot of journalists fret about — Matthews sees the nomination of Barrett as part of Trump’s plan to stay in office; she’ll be the deciding vote when we do Bush v. Gore all over again.

Matthews writes:

All the indications from the White House and Republican-controlled Senate suggest a scramble to confirm the new Justice before the US goes to the polls.

Democrats joining the dots scream that it presents the picture of a president who won’t accept a loss at the polls, but who would steer a legal challenge towards a conservative-leaning Supreme Court in the expectation it would declare him winner — whatever the democratic will of the American people.

All of this amid his refusal to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power after the election.

How is it “an assault on democracy” for the duly-elected president to nominate a Supreme Court nominee of his choice? And yes, if the election makes it to the Supreme Court, we’re going to need nine justices to do their jobs.

Does Matthews know that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away and there’s a vacancy on the court to be filled? And the president nominates the person to fill that vacancy?

We’re still waiting for criminal indictments related to that “peaceful transfer of power” to the Trump administration.

Anyone who fears Trump is planning an assault on Democracy has believed that ever since he was inaugurated, so where’s the story?