Twitchy’s done at least three posts today about people questioning the legitimacy and motivation behind Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s adoption of two Haitian children. Were the adoptions legit or shady as hell? Does she know that “transracial adoption is fraught with trauma”? Did she adopt black children to subconsciously assure herself she’s not racist?

But now that Barrett’s officially been nominated, we’re getting the statements from the Biden campaign, and the official line of attack seems to be that Barrett has expressed opposition to Obamacare and wants to take your health care away. (Kamala Harris is also keeping Roe v. Wade at the forefront.) We’d thought Biden had said in the primary debates that climate change was our No. 1 issue, but we guess it’s going to be health care. Or jobs. Or the coronavirus pandemic.

Not surprisingly, Harris tweeted that she strongly opposes Barrett’s nomination. After all, she was “hand-picked” by President Trump … which is kind of how it works according to the Constitution.

We’re still wondering about the optics of Harris going after Barrett like she did Brett Kavanaugh. Should be enlightening.