If you’re on Twitter now and follow reporters and news channels like we do, you’ll see very little other than Democrats and journalists freaking out over the idea that President Trump wouldn’t commit to a peaceful transition of power, “win, lose, or draw.” As we reported earlier, Chris Hayes was triggered that Trump would say, “We’re going to have to see what happens,” while pro-regime gunmen are prowling the streets of Louisville harassing “dissidents.” Not protesters or rioters, but dissidents.

As we said earlier, we wish Trump would have answered in a way that wouldn’t have given the media something for the entire week’s news cycle, but The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has a point. Read Brian Karem’s question again. Would Trump commit to a peaceful transition of power, “win, lose, or draw”? You’d have to ask Joe Biden about the “win” part.

Unlike a lot of Resistance types, we’re 100 percent certain Trump will hand over the keys to the Oval Office on schedule if he loses — but as a lot of people have warned, due to the number of mail-in ballots and rule changes regarding the counting of absentee ballots, it could be weeks or even a month before we actually know who won. Don’t expect election night to be the end of it by a long shot.

That’s certainly not his style, though.