While Breonna Taylor rioters are busy setting fires in Louisville and shooting cops (we’ve seen reports of two so far), there are marches and protests happening in cities across the U.S., and Ford Fischer of news2share.com reports that “activists” in Washington, D.C., are checking journalists’ media credentials and social media accounts and giving glow bracelets to identify the ones that were granted their approval. No livestreaming, though.

If they have someone to hand out glow bracelets, they’re organized — it’s no “spontaneous protest.”

All police who haven’t been defunded are mandated to wear body cameras, but “activists” can shut down video.

Reason’s Robby Soave says he was instructed (nicely) not to take pictures.

At least someone got video of that U-Haul truck in Louisville loaded with shields and signs and other rioting supplies.