As Twitchy reported back on Sept. 3, social media exploded when Jeffrey Goldberg published his piece in The Atlantic claiming that President Trump skipped out of a ceremony at a French military cemetery not because of bad weather but because the cemetery was “filled with losers.” Goldberg’s story hinged on four unnamed sources, while the Trump campaign has since collected 21 officials on record refuting the story.

Joe Biden kicked off his campaign with a video in which he referred to the debunked story that Trump had called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people,” and he’s kept repeating that, so we know he’s not one to let a viral lie go to waste. (CNN didn’t push back either when he claimed no one had ever heard Trump say “one negative thing about white supremacists.”)

We’re not surprised at all that Cindy McCain is endorsing Biden, but we are a little surprised that Biden is still leaning on that Atlantic piece in fundraisers. He’ll bring it up at the debates too, if he shows up, and no moderator will bother to fact-check him.

John McCain certainly was hot to get his hands on the Steele dossier and pass it along.


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