First, we heard Rep. Ilhan Omar question ICE’s deportation of dozens of illegal aliens to Somalia, in part because of her concern that the U.S. not spread the coronavirus to Somalia. But according to the Biden campaign, wouldn’t they be safer from COVID-19 in literally any other country in the world than in the U.S. under President Trump?

Now we’re hearing that coronavirus measures are responsible for unaccompanied children being sent to their home countries. We first saw this news come across our feed from Fox 11 Los Angeles. It looks like around 8,800 unaccompanied children have been sent home under a COVID-19 pandemic measure from the Trump administration.

CNN tweeted the news from its @CNNPolitics feed for some reason:

Well, that changes things.

Of course, CNN accompanies their tweet with an image of little children waving goodbye out of a bus window while the government was busy arranging flights home for these 17-year-old children.

This is one of those tweets, though, where you really have to read the story, because things get interesting. It seems a federal judge on Friday ordered the U.S. government to stop putting up illegal alien children in hotels. The Justice Department was arguing to keep them there, but “immigration and civil rights groups had said the growing use of hotels to detain children and families during the coronavirus pandemic amounted to a shadow immigration system that skirted the law.”

Weird, huh? Under the judge’s order, “the Department of Homeland Security must stop placing minors in hotels and transfer them to licensed facilities by September 15.” But we were assured the Trump administration was keeping them in cages.


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