We’re sure most people in the Twitchy reading audience are old enough to remember when Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on the promise of all the things he was going to do during his presidency, not for anything he’d accomplished. Now President Trump has been formally nominated twice, for the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal and then for the historic agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

That’s all too much for Atlantic writer Graeme Wood, who thinks it’s time to end the Nobel Peace Prize now that it’s been tainted by Trump’s nomination.

Wood’s gripe with the Nobel Peace Prize extends way beyond Trump’s nomination, but that was the breaking point. Wood writes that the Nobel committee has made itself hostage “to wacky attention-seeking nominations like Trump’s.”

The mainstream media has been awfully low-key about these historic peace agreements.

If they had their way over the last four years, we’d have done away with ICE, the police, college tuition, rent, the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the Electoral College, for starters.