As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, Scottish-American actor John Barrowman (“Arrow,” “Doctor Who”) has 525,000 followers to whom he tweeted a completely bogus (and “outrageous”) video of a woman opening an absentee ballot request featuring the president’s photo. This triggered her badly enough to shoot a video, and Barrowman forwarded it to his half-million followers.

And it’s still up (or was when we started writing this post; now it’s gone). Twitter, whose project lead assured us its No. 1 priority was election integrity, has yet to put one of those disinformation disclaimers over it.

In any case, Barrowman’s sorry if he upset anyone. He was just doing whatever he could to hurt Trump’s reelection chances by making it seem like the president was tampering with the election.

How is it incredibly misleading? First, the woman in the video has no idea what she’s talking about, and second, Barrowman’s entire comment was, “This is outrageous.” That’s not asking people to find out if it’s real.

Did you strike a chord? No, you forwarded something incredibly inciting and misleading and encouraged dopes to spread it even more, so yes, people are “super angry.”

Yes, Twitter, isn’t this the sort of election interference you were so concerned about? At least Jimmy Kimmel had the guts to delete his retweet.