As Twitchy reported, Joe Biden and his wife Jill will travel to Kenosha, Wisc., Thursday, two days after President Trump visited and toured the riot damage. As Guy Benson noted, Biden had originally decided against visiting Kenosha, then criticized Trump for traveling there, and then announced that he was going to visit after all.

Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for the Trump campaign, had a good question with an obvious answer:

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway couldn’t help but notice the optics of Biden so quickly following Trump’s visit to Kenosha after announcing he wasn’t going there.

It’s especially fitting since Biden keeps questioning Trump’s leadership.

We wonder if there’s anyone in his focus group other than Jill.

But seriously, that convention was pretty bad.

We wouldn’t doubt it. He’ll probably take a cue from Joy Reid and claim that Trump supporters are the ones doing all the rioting and looting.