The Daily Beast’s reporter covering Joe Biden, Hanna Trudo, teased a big story Saturday after noting that President Trump had used a “sexist and racist trope” against Sen. Kamala Harris.

Well, it’s Saturday, and here’s the big story about far-right media (which includes Tucker Carlson, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars), for which Trudo leaned on Media Matters, a “progressive journalism accountability organization.”

Sexist, obsessive, and baseless smears against women? Has Trudo heard about Sarah Palin? Sort of. She came up a bunch in the comments.

Maybe check Media Matters for clips of unhinged attacks against Palin; they must have plenty of examples, being a “journalism accountability organization.”

We did learn a new word from Trudo’s piece: misogynoir, which apparently is a combination of misogyny and racism:

“Donald Trump and other GOP members are using misogynoir, where you mix racism and sexism,” said Caroline Heldman, who teaches gender and sexuality studies at Occidental College. “They actually get a two-for-one in appealing to people’s biases. Their attacks on her and talking about her and Willie Brown, it’s not just sexist, there’s a level of a Black woman promiscuity… that is a very specific race-gender trope.”

What happened between her and Willie Brown?

Trudo also looks to sources such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Time’s Up, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, and a gender and sexuality studies professor, none of whom, like Media Matters, could be considered far-left.

“Incompetent” is sexist and racist?

Sounds sexist and racist, as does pointing out the fact Harris dropped out Dec. 3.


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