You know who we miss on Twitter? Salena Zito. The Pennsylvania-based journalist made a name for herself while the rest of the media was in shock over Hillary Clinton’s loss by talking to Trump voters and telling their stories. It was excellent reporting that brought her into the limelight but also enraged a lot of liberals who deluded themselves into thinking all the media did was talk about Trump voters.

That peace agreement in the Middle East that President Trump helped broker must have Ben Rhodes crankier than usual, because it looks like he’s already bracing for some Zito-like takes from the media after Trump steals the election.

Yeah, the media has just shrugged these four years while Trump has broken law after law. No, wait, they spent the first three years writing about how he stole the election with the help of the Russians. Funny how liberals like Rhodes keep talking and talking about how the election’s going to be stolen, and not how Joe Biden will win in an overwhelming blue wave.

He’s literally already dreading the headlines.