Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler doesn’t tweet much about the “demonstrations” that have been going on for nearly three months in his city (except to blame President Trump for the rioting), but right-wing groups assembled Saturday at 3 at the Justice Center in downtown Portland, and counter-protesters showed up in droves. And yes, there was hate speech (if you believe such a thing) and violence.

CNN’s Omar Jimenez lifted a video of “the moment a gun was pulled by a far right demonstrator … and pointed directly at counter protesters.”

To be honest, we’re not sure (and neither is Jimenez) if that’s a real gun, some sort of Airsoft gun, or a paintball gun, which the same man was carrying earlier. Here’s the original video, with a lot of it featuring Proud Boy and organizer Alan Swinney:

We’d hope that wasn’t a real gun, especially since he was behind a line of his own guys at the time. Here are some more tweets from Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Sergio Olmos, who was actually on the ground there. (Language warning.)

But Wheeler said the police would be monitoring:

Here’s an aerial view:

Looks like the police did move in after the official demonstration was over and the pro-police crew packed up and left:

Wow, Portland cops can be persuasive when they want to be.

We’d still like some confirmation on that gun; we’re old enough to remember the mainstream media mistaking a handheld fire extinguisher for tear gas. Everything is tear gas to the media.





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