So what do we have so far? Democrats are demanding that Postmaster Louis DeJoy testify before Congress. Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo of a mail truck on a flatbed being hauled away and swears the driver was wearing a red cap. Reuters started circulating, without context, a photo of a pile of mailboxes … waiting to be refurbished by a powder coating plant. A tweet went viral showing mailboxes locked in Seattle, even though a 10-second Google search showed they’d been locked before because of mail theft.

In honor of the mainstream media paying attention to QAnon, Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter has been calling this POAnon.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan hopes that no journalist lets up on what’s going on at the post office. This is from Aug. 15:

And here’s her follow-up Tuesday:

We’re old enough to remember when Diebold was the conspiracy theory of the moment from the party that will not accept defeat.


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