As Twitchy reported Monday, graphic video was making the rounds of a man beating beaten unconscious in front of his female passenger by a Black Lives Matter mob in Portland after he crashed his truck:

Good news: Portland police have announced that they’ve identified a suspect in the beating:

The Portland Police Bureau writes in a press release:

Yesterday, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) began investigation of an assault that occurred in the downtown area where an adult male associated to a white pick-up truck was violently assaulted. Investigators positively identified the suspect as 25 year-old Marquise Love. Investigators made attempts to contact Love but could not locate him.

Investigators have left messages for Love to turn himself in but will continue to look for him as there is probable cause for his arrest.

Some good news:

Other reports around social media claim that the victim in this case is not recovering or has succumbed to the injuries. These reports are false. The victim has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Is this one of those deals where he’ll be released on cash-free bail and given baseball tickets?


A bunch of Hollywood Biden supporters had donated money to bail out people who were arrested during the George Floyd riots … wonder if there’s any money left.