OK, this is great. We don’t know who found these old tweets from CNN’s Jake Tapper, but he sure breaks the narrative that the U.S. Postal Service can do no wrong, and it’s President Trump who’s “broken” it to sabotage the election. On Monday, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were tweeting about how seniors rely on the mail to receive their Social Security checks (which are now direct deposit), but it looks like Tapper had a problem with the Postal Service’s “severe incompetence” back during the Obama administration.

Trump, that’s why.

Huh … higher sorting volume. Looks like President Obama should have taken care of that during his two terms.

Someone’s already Photoshopped President Trump into that photo of mailboxes stacked up to be refurbished?

But we’d been assured all weekend that the U.S. Postal Service was beyond reproach and any criticism was to be directed at Trump for sabotaging the USPS.

Looks like Rep. Paul Gosar struck a nerve just byhttps://twitter.com/jtLOL/status/1295480046770061312 tweeting an emoji:



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