Here’s more video of just another night in Seattle, with vandals walking down the sidewalk with their black hoodies and homemade shields and camera-blocking umbrellas spray-paining ACAB (“All cops are bastards”) on buildings and attempting to smash an ATM. And that’s in less than 60 seconds of footage. In the meantime, normal people show their “privilege” by trying to go about do normal things after dark. (Editor’s note: Language warning):

Townhall’s Guy Benson wants to know why they’d watch in disbelief — it’s likely all they’ve seen for years now.

It’s like Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler said after rioters had vandalized and tried to burn down the federal courthouse for two months; his primary concern was the violence federal law enforcement agents had brought to the city. Until then, the nightly rioting was acceptable, apparently.

That’s the excuse Sally Kohn gave after rioters in Minneapolis caused at least $500 million in damage through vandalism, looting, or arson; “Hey, they’ve got insurance.” The city still wanted a federal bailout though.

And the violence in Portland is because the police department has embedded “saboteurs and provocateurs” into the peaceful protests — and that’s coming from someone in city government.

“LAW AND ORDER!” How dare he?