We’ve heard from reliable sources such as Rep. Adam Schiff and the DNC War Room that mail-in voting and absentee voting are the EXACT SAME THING. (It was Schiff who went all-caps to make his point, while the DNC War Room went the route of saying it four times in a row to make it true.) Obviously Joe Biden is a huge fan of mail-in voting, and he tweeted about it too.

What was that? You say the president requested his absentee ballot? If that’s true — you have to request an absentee ballot — then mail-in voting and absentee voting are not the exact same thing, which would make Schiff a liar.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw responded to Biden by stating the obvious: absentee voting and universal mail-in voting are not the same thing, and mail-in voting comes with some baggage which he laid out in a thread.

Well, we all know that NBC News and NPR are both in the tank for Trump.

They delayed the 2020 Census deadline by three months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they can ramp up mail-in voting to a national scale by early November … right.

And if the secretary of state tries to purge the voter rolls of, say, the deceased, the Democrats call it voter suppression.

The Democrats are going to contest the election if they lose anyway, so best to rack up the excuses early.