We guess Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was right when she said last month that crime was up in New York City because people “feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”

It’s too bad there weren’t any bakeries in the center of Chicago where all the rioting and looting took place Sunday night because looters had to do with Gucci bags and Nike shoes — you can’t eat those.

As Twitchy reported Monday night, a group of protesters formed in front of the District 1 police station Monday, demanding the release of those who’d been arrested during the rioting and looting. The protesters promised to stay put and held a giant banner reading, “Our futures have been looted from us … loot back.”

We’d mentioned that Ariel Atkins of Black Lives Matter Chicago had grabbed a microphone, but here’s a much better view of her speech to the gathered protesters from WGN. In short, she doesn’t care if stores are looted, because it counts as reparations.

Maybe there were loaves of bread in all of those Nike shoe boxes.

Is that the official position of Black Lives Matter, or just Black Lives Matter Chicago? Because we think all of the corporations and sports franchises that have bent over backward to appease Black Lives Matter should know.

You know not one reporter in America will ask the national organization if this represents Black Lives Matter’s official position.

She didn’t sound like she had any doubt she was speaking the truth.