NBC News was pretty excited to announce that it had been given access to the Wuhan lab where the coronavirus pandemic is believed to have started.

“The institute is the focus of speculation and conspiracy theories — some emanating from the White House — about whether the virus leaked from the facility,” NBC News reports:

During the roughly five-hour visit, which included a tour of the BSL-4 lab, where technicians clad in bubblelike protective suits handled small vials and other equipment while sealed inside a thick-walled glass enclosure, Wang Yanyi, director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said she and others felt unfairly targeted. She urged that politics not cloud investigations into how the coronavirus spilled over into humans.

“It is unfortunate that we have been targeted as a scapegoat for the origin of the virus,” she said. “Any person would inevitably feel very angry or misunderstood being subject to unwarranted or malicious accusations while carrying out research and related work in the fight against the virus.”

Is that why Chinese officials started spreading the rumor that the U.S. Army had brought the coronavirus to Wuhan?

Here’s State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus:

And here’s Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin: