It’s always the same: The media could report on Joe Biden’s gaffes, or they could report on Republicans’ reaction to those gaffes, and The Hill has chosen the latter.

Niall Stanage reports:

The debate around Biden’s propensity for these kinds of slip-ups is a complicated one.

The Trump campaign is pressing such moments as examples of why the Democrat is unfit for the presidency, arguing the remarks are both patronizing to people of color and evidence of a lack of mental sharpness.

But there are numerous instances of the president either misspeaking or making much more racially offensive comments than Biden has done.

In the first category, Trump has within the past few days mispronounced both “Yosemite” and “Thailand,” drawing mockery on social media.

Stanage, like so many others, falls back on the Charlottesville hoax, disproven by a minute’s Google search for a transcript, writing, “Trump’s record on racial matters includes talking about ‘very fine people on both sides’ of racist violence in Charlottesville, Va.”

Oh well, it’s nice of The Hill to perform clean-up duties for Biden after he said African-Americans weren’t diverse like Latinos and asked an interviewer if she was a junkie.