We’ll file this under “Entertainment,” although to us it’s “U.S. News,” because it’s news to us that fans of “The Matrix” have for years been discussing the film through a trans lens (although we’ve never attended gender studies classes in college, either). In case you’d missed it, the two Wachowski brothers who directed “The Matrix” and its two sequels are now trans women and thus sisters. That has a lot of people, including Netflix, taking another look at “The Matrix” and seeing it filled with trans allegory in everything from being “red-pilled” to Neo being “deadnamed” by the evil Agent Smith, who represents transphobia.

OK, now you’re losing us.

So now that it’s a “super trans” movie it’s one of the most influential, enduring, and celebrated films of all time.

The sequels were bad … and as trans allegory, they were even worse.

What about all of the guns? “The Matrix” had Neo wielding a ridiculous amount of guns — sounds phallic to us.