It used to be that Colin Kaepernick was lucky to get a teammate or two to kneel with him during the national anthem, but that’s been completely turned around, and now, as Twitchy reported, the Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac is on the hot seat having to explain to a reporter why he didn’t kneel during the national anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter shirt like all of his teammates.

The NFL has announced it will precede “The Star-Spangled Banner” with the “black national anthem” and paint “End Racism” in the end zones, while Major League Baseball seems to have reached a compromise which pleases nobody: Players and coaches all kneel first, and then stand for the national anthem, at some games at least.

Former U.S. Navy Seal Robert O’Neill tweeted his policy on standing for the American flag:

Major League Baseball should remind O’Neill that the national anthem has nothing to do with the military or the flag: