Earlier Wednesday, Twitchy posted a supercut of all of the Democratic members of Congress reclaiming their time from Attorney General Bill Barr Tuesday so that he had no opportunity to answer questions, and Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld called the spectacle worse than “the unbending mob on the street.” Why? Because rather than a hearing, it was more like a show trial with no semblance of due process.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal certainly impressed some big names in journalism with her “take no prisoners” grandstanding at the hearing, where she accused Barr of carrying out President Trump’s agenda of white supremacy by not sending in federal agents to protect the Michigan capitol, which was “stormed” by white men with swastikas and carrying guns. Maybe it’s because it was a one-day protest, not an occupation; it occured on state property, not federal; and no one broke any laws.

Jayapal was on a roll and later Tuesday evening tweeted simply that Barr had to resign.

Um, why?

That’s what we were waiting for, although we also would have accepted this:

Rude? Apparently, Barr was both sexist and hostile, and Jayapal was still riding that sweet media buzz into Wednesday on CNN:

No, not at all.


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