No, let’s not forget. Antifa has been around for a while, especially in Portland, where it’s basically taken over the city from the police department, but when Antifa really started acting up to take on free-speech rallies after conservatives like Ben Shapiro were being allowed to speak freely on college campuses, people like CNN’s Chris Cuomo compared the group to the soldiers landing at Normandy on D-Day:

Attorney General Bill Barr is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, and MSNBC host Joy Reid is anxious for Barr to spell out what Antifa stands for: anti-fascist. And there’s nothing more anti-fascist than showing up at a peaceful assembly you disagree with dressed in black “armor” with your faces covered and carrying homemade weapons and shields to silence those “Nazis.”

Great point, although even Cuomo, who compared Antifa to World War II soldiers, backtracked and said he never endorsed Antifa. And after the political violence became too great to ignore, Cuomo’s CNN colleague Don Lemon admitted that “no organization is perfect.”

As long as we’re asking Barr questions:


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