Note: Mild nudity warning.

“Out of Portland tear gas, an apparition emerges ….” So began the Los Angeles Times’ piece on the “iconic” photo of a nude woman sitting in the street open-legged across the intersection from police in Portland. We will say the picture was well-shot, but we wouldn’t exactly call it iconic, and we certainly wouldn’t compare it to the video of the man in Tiananmen Square who was actually risking something . Nevertheless, fans dubbed the nude woman “Portland Athena,” and some still can’t get over her.

Writer and director Adam McKay says the image is “horrifying and beautiful.”

Maybe her mother is in a yellow shirt and a link in the “wall of moms” defending the peaceful protesters from the police.

It’s not just blue-checks who are enraptured with this photo:

There are some already suggesting that this is TIME’s picture of the year, which would make for an interesting cover.


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