If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve probably seen this photo of a black man kneeling on a white two-year-old’s neck with the caption, “Blm now mf” that was posted to Facebook. If not, here it is, with the boy’s face blacked out for privacy purposes.

It’s obviously a re-creation of the George Floyd arrest, and the good news is, it did lead to an arrest. The man, identified as 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson, was out on parole when he decided this was a good idea.

FOX 11 Los Angeles reports:

An Ohio man who was out on parole has been thrown in jail and awaits new felony charges after a photo circulated on social media showing him posing with his knee to the neck of a crying, white 2-year-old boy alongside a message referencing Black Lives Matter.

Patrol units were able to determine the location where the incident took place and made contact with both the mother and the child, as well as the male subject seen kneeling in the image, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said in an update on Facebook Thursday. The relationship between Jackson and the child’s mother is unknown.

The child, who has not been identified by authorities, was taken to a local hospital for examination, where he was found to have no injuries related to the incident.

In the meantime, we have children barely older than the one in the photo marching around saying, “F**k the police.”

FOX LA also mentions that a special ed teacher in under investigation after posting encouragement under the photo on social media:

According to WGCL-TV, Cedar Grove High School Interrelated Teacher Brian Papin commented beneath the photo, writing: “Again! Your [sic] doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one one [sic] the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!”

We hate to imagine how many times people hit the “Share” button on Facebook because they thought this was an important statement.

If you’re white and even think about saying “All lives matter” we know someone who’ll stab you in the face to teach you what Black Lives Matter means.


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