For Joe Biden reportedly having a huge lead in all the polls, the Democrats haven’t let off projecting at all: They’re all busy suggesting that President Trump will try to steal the election, perhaps with the help of Russia again, and if he does lose, they’re pondering if he’ll willingly leave the Oval Office or not — and all of this is getting play in the mainstream media.

The Washingon Post reports Thursday night that Biden told donors that Trump might try to “indirectly steal” the 2020 election by making a case against mail-in ballots — which he should. Send everyone an application for an absentee ballot? Sure. But sending everyone a ballot by mail? No way.

The Post reports:

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee asked donors attending a virtual event to spread the word that “this president is going to try to indirectly steal the election by arguing that mail-in ballots don’t work.”

Trump will present mail-in ballots as fraud by making the argument that “they’re not real, they’re not fair,” Biden said.

Do the Democrats just not believe they can win, and that’s why they keep up the narrative that the election will be stolen?