A few days ago, Washington Post “conservative” columnist Max Boot published a piece supposedly about the buzz around Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as a possible presidential candidate in 2024 (running against Joe Biden, of course), but Boot had already picked his Republican for the race: Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, whom he saw as the future of the party. The Washington Examiner’s Jay Caruso had a great thread breaking down Boot’s argument:

Speaking of the Washington Post, on Thursday, the paper published a piece by Hogan savaging President Trump over his response to the coronavirus, headlined, “I’m a GOP governor. Why didn’t Trump help my state with coronavirus testing?”

That led Slate’s Will Saletan to suggest that Hogan was trying to reshape the Republican party for a possible run in 2024.

So both Democrats and NeverTrumpers (same thing at this point) are trying to set up Hogan for a presidential run to “fix” the GOP? Pass.