By now you’re familiar with the Lincoln Project, which is made up of a bunch of “conservatives” who are doing everything they can to make sure President Trump loses in 2020 and Democrat Joe Biden wins. As NeverTrumpers, they’d be pulling for socialist Bernie Sanders if he’d won the nomination, but it was a great relief to them when Biden became the presumptive nominee. We’re not sure what’s conservative about rooting for Biden, but there you go.

If you ask Trump supporters, they’re the silent majority who are being ignored by the media while people like Rick Wilson are regulars on cable news. However, the Lincoln Project believes that the real silent majority in 2020 is the millions of Republicans who will vote for Biden.

Maybe it’s just us, but the Republicans rooting for Biden — people like Max Boot, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, and Rick Wilson — have been anything but silent, but they’re hoping there’s a mass movement of Republicans who can’t wait to vote for a Democrat.

What policies of Biden’s do these millions of Republicans support exactly, since they’re voting for the guy?


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