Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts and the man who bankrolls the organization, Mike Bloomberg, are both celebrating Subway’s new policy prohibiting open carry in their restaurants.

We’d completely missed the #footlongsnotfirearms hashtag campaign, but apparently it worked.

Good to see Mike Bloomberg has changed his social media avatar to a photo of him wearing a mask, by the way; how many lives is he saving by setting that example.

It’s nice that she’s so excited, but if you actually read the new policy, it doesn’t prohibit anything. It just says that Subway “respectfully requests that guests (other than authorized law enforcement) refrain from openly displaying firearms inside restaurants — even in states where ‘open carry’ is permitted.” It beats Starbucks kicking out police officers because their firearms made patrons feel uneasy.

OK then. Concealed carry’s a better way to go anyway.

“You don’t need a gun to buy a sandwich” … send tweet.

What if you’re open carrying because you’re black and gay and you’re trying to get a footlong in MAGA country at 2 a.m.?