We were all assured that a second wave of the coronavirus was coming, and with the number of infected rising across the nation, medical professionals and others on the front lines are preparing. We’ve seen lawn signs on the front lawns of health care providers calling them heroes, and they certainly have received their fair share of media attention, so now it’s also time for the second wave of news pieces about them. Actually, ABC News tweeted this under their “Politics” banner, so take from that what you will.

Yes, this again.

ABC News reports:

As Dr. Robert Wachter, professor and chair of the University of California, San Francisco’s department of medicine, watched while quarantine fatigue and complacency settled over much of the country, the fear he felt in March and April has given way to anger.

“There is also a layer of disgust, particularly when you look at the other parts of the world that have beaten this back,” Wachter said. “We can’t claim ignorance anymore.”

Rising cases in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida could have been prevented if Americans and politicians had acted more responsibility, he added.

“To see people dying on your watch and know that this didn’t have to happen?” he said of COVID-19 deaths as well as the patients who can’t get non-COVID care because hospitals are packed. “It was completely forgivable in March and April. It’s unforgivable in July.”

Doctors are blaming the reopening of businesses and lax social distancing, but we didn’t hear anyone complain about massive Black Lives Matter protests in the piece.

Isn’t it? It seems the point of the piece is the shame the people of the U.S. for not doing what they were told — to stay home (protesters excluded).

Before we get to all the tweets about nurses having time to put together TikTok videos, here’s a seven-minute compilation of nurses doing TikTok videos:

We guess they’re just blowing off steam from all the stress, huh?

Oh, they’ll still have it.

We think people had already had it before learning that the virus can’t be spread at a Black Lives Matter protest.


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