Whatever you think of One America News Network’s Chanel Rion, the rest of the White House correspondents despise her, to the point of leaving anonymous mean-girl notes on her desk and having her booted from the briefing room for not properly social distancing. Apparently, she is not to be named, either; she’s just OANN’s “personality.”

On Thursday, Dallas News Washington Bureau Chief Todd J. Gillman posted a screenshot of Rion from C-SPAN, avoided naming her as is the custom, and called her out for not wearing a mask.

He might not have tagged her or her network, but Rion found his tweet anyway.

Kind of like how Joe Biden takes off his mask to hear.

Seriously, if you’re a White House correspondent who has a problem with Rion, talk to her directly, or if you’re too afraid you’ll catch COVID-19 or cooties, tweet her at @ChanelRion.

In other news, guess who just got some love from the cool kids’ table:


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