After his coronavirus press briefing Wednesday in which he slammed President Trump, Twitchy favorite AG Hamilton called Andrew “The Luv Guv” Cuomo the most shameless man in America and it’s not even close.” Apparently unaware of the percentage of COVID-19 deaths traced to his state, Cuomo took the opportunity to address the president, telling him, “Admit you were wrong … and we have to start doing something about this.”

Democrats and members of the mainstream media (yeah, we know) have been huge fans of Cuomo’s “shadow” coronavirus briefings, with some wishing that Joe Biden would drop out and Cuomo would replace him as the Democratic Party nominee for president. Again, though, none of that squares with the “reality” of which Cuomo spoke. “Reality wins every time,” he said.

That greatly impressed Washington Post conservative opinion writer Jennifer Rubin. (We noticed she changed her bio to read “opinion writer” rather than “blogger,” although she left “conservative” intact.) Cuomo’s secretary certainly was taken with her column Thursday.

“Remarkable success in lowering the rates of infection, hospitalization and deaths in New York meant an end to Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s daily news conferences, which were really tutorials on managing the crisis, sprinkled with philosophical observations and tales from the Cuomo family. With the novel coronavirus raging through the rest of the country, Cuomo’s news conferences have returned. Wednesday’s was a doozy,” Rubin begins.

Remarkable success?

Of course it’s embarrassing, it’s a Jennifer Rubin column.


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