We’ve been hearing some really hot takes about homeschooling recently. Harvard Magazine recently ran a piece recommending a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling, with a professor claiming homeschooling violates children’s rights to a quality education and also promotes white supremacy. We also heard a professor organizing an anti-homeschooling conference explain that parent-child relationships exist “because the State confers legal parenthood.”

New Hampshire state Senator Jeanne Dietsch recently got herself into hot water by saying that children with parents who aren’t “well-educated” shouldn’t have the choice to homeschool, and now in an online listening session she’s dug that hole further, suggesting a tiny fraction of parents homeschool to hide whatever’s going on in the home, be it child neglect or drug use.

Michael Graham reports:

During an online “listening session” with concerned constituents to address the fallout over her original statements about parents, educational attainment and parental choice, Dietsch attempted to explain her views.

“I am not worried about your children,” she assured the parents on the call. “I’m worried about the other children. As legislators, we must worry about all children. I think one reason the commissioner [Frank Edelblut] might want a statewide management system is that we have a very tiny percentage of homeschoolers who are parents who are using that system to neglect children.

“It’s a very small percentage. It’s parents who don’t want other people knowing what’s going on at their homes — the drugs, whatever is happening there. It’s a minuscule percentage, but it exists. It’s a reality,” Dietsch said.

Your children? The ones you claim as your own because the state legally recognized the relationship?


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