This video has been liked nearly 45,000 times as of this writing and viewed nearly 12 million times and even Donald Trump Jr. has weighed in, calling it “disgusting.” We can already imagine some of the replies, especially by residents of CHOP in Seattle who’ve spray-painted “Kill Pigs” on the wall of their autonomous zone: this woman is white, she’s privileged, she doesn’t have to worry about being shot by police, and she’s having a breakdown over not getting her Egg McMuffin at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

That’s not us, though; we think the video is heartbreaking. Even if they were just late with her food, it shows the stresses that police officers are under every day as well, and especially in the national environment where LEGO is telling its stores not to promote police sets and shows like “COPS” and “Live P.D.” are being taken off the air.

Brandon Morse of Twitchy sister-site RedState has a good thread on the video and a message for the haters:

As Morse says, a lot of people are laughing at this officer for having to wait for her food, and plenty are claiming she’s emotionally unstable and should have her gun taken away. We’re not finding much sympathy in the comments, but we’re hoping the likes and retweets are an indication that some people still realize that cops are human and have feelings as well. Are there bad cops? Of course. Are all cops bad? Some people would say yes and argue that police departments should be defunded and abolished.

Wonder who comes running when the alarm goes off at this McDonald’s in the middle of the night?