We’re old enough to remember when journalists and the public both complained that President Trump didn’t do enough press conferences. Then, as COVID-19 struck, the coronavirus task force held daily televised briefings with the president, and soon the call of the Resistance on Twitter was for networks to stop carrying them, or at the very least run them on a delay after editing out all of the president’s comments.

CNN seems to have looked at its own schedule and noticed that the coronavirus task force has gone into hiding, and the White House is pivoting to the message of the economy reopening and roaring back to life. The network doesn’t even seem to have noticed that the media was sort of rooting for the death toll to hit 100,000, and once it did, they lost interest.

We’re not quite ready for any “Where are they now?” specials on Drs. Fauci and Birx, but we can certainly understand why there’s no need for doctors to call for social distancing when Black Lives Matter protests have cured the coronavirus.

It does almost seem that CNN does have an agenda. They certainly don’t want the White House to pivot to its economic message.