At the George Floyd protests, there were plenty of signs reading “Defund the Police” and “Abolish the Police.” (The anarchists who’ve taken over several blocks in Seattle have “KILL THE POL(ICE)” spray-painted on one of their barriers.)

The thing is, these protesters were serious, and bodies like the Minneapolis City Council seem to be taking them at their word. The thing is, defunding the police isn’t polling well at all, not even among Democrats, and even Joe Biden’s camp put out a statement that Biden was not on board with defunding the police but wanted to pour $300 million into police departments for training.

A lot of Democrats, like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Al Sharpton, have backpedaled and tried to explain that defunding the police doesn’t really mean defunding the police, which inspired Jesse Singal to come up with his own horrible slogan and defense for it.

The thing is, half of those links are to Vox’s “explainer” on how abolishing the police doesn’t really mean abolishing the police.

We didn’t see any question marks on the protesters’ signs. It sure sounded like a demand.

There’s a lot of nuance around the phrase that needs to be worked out.