As we’ve said earlier, the coronavirus seems to have been cured by the George Floyd protests; look at this social distancing going on in Philadelphia Saturday:

You’d think health care professionals would be horrified, but this week we’ve had health and disease experts share with NPR their letter explaining that they support the protests despite the COVID-19 lockdown because “white supremacy is a lethal public health issue” also. Hospital workers in New York wearing full PPE stood outside to applaud a parade of protesters marching down the sidewalk. Epidemiologists are explaining that protesters are balancing competing risks, and they do have the advantage of protesting outside, even though two weeks ago beachgoers were hounded by a lawyer dressed as the Grim Reaper and collecting money to hand out bodybags to anyone who hit the sand.

But as one expert explained, it would be good if all of the protesters around the world would self-isolate for the next two weeks. Right.

Here are doctors and nurses in California taking a knee.

We thought academia put pressure on peers to join the latest and greatest protest, but it looks like the medical field isn’t far behind. This pediatrician said this week he’s been hounded by requests to protest — to kneel, at least.

As if we needed another reason not to nationalize health care?

“We’re staying here for you, please stay home for us.”