We hope this makes Brian Stelter’s media newsletter or something. While the evening pundits on CNN have completely forgotten about the coronavirus pandemic and have turned their attention to the George Floyd protests/riots, S.E. Cupp has declared in the New York Daily News that as a white, privileged woman, she’s going to take this opportunity to listen, not to speak.

Cupp writes:

To say this is a dark time for America feels like an understatement. Processing it all has been impossible. I readily use my voice to speak out, my pen to call out, but I’m not too proud to admit that I’m struggling with what to say.

I’m gutted. Flattened. Heartbroken. But what could someone like me — white, privileged, employed, safe — say that will mean anything? Change something? Help anything?

If I’m truly the ally I say I am to my friends who are hurting, grieving, crying out for help, then my voice isn’t the one that matters at all right now. Theirs is. So instead of speaking here, I will listen. I’ll listen harder than I ever have before.

If she were serious about this whole idea, she’d step down from her program and give the show to a black woman.

Those were valuable pages that could have been dedicated to a piece by a black writer, but no.


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