President Trump gave a speech at the White House Monday afternoon and then headed across the street to St. John’s Church, which fortunately escaped much damage despite an arsonist setting it on fire (or maybe not; CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted that it wasn’t on fire and then deleted his tweet — it turns out Fox News wasn’t faking its footage like turning a Kentucky gun range into a Syrian battlefield).

The narrative you’d hear tonight if you watched any channel but Fox News is that Trump had a peaceful protest pepper-sprayed to clear the way for his photo op.

“Today’s” protests were peaceful … although the Secret Service said more than 60 officers and agents were injured while securing the White House over the weekend.

Stelter even posted a clip proving that protesters outside the White House weren’t doing anything.

Also heading out among the protesters Monday afternoon was Attorney General Bill Barr, who headed to Layfayette Square.

Provoking violence? That’s what Vox’s Ezra Klein thinks:

And we don’t want riots, right? Oh, wait … didn’t one of Klein’s Voxsplainers call for people to riot whenever President Trump was in town? And then double down to say he was completely serious? And didn’t the site also post a piece on how riots “are destructive, dangerous, and scary — but can lead to serious social reforms”? Oh yeah:



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