Now that Twitter is offering to append fact-checks to tweets — to President Trump’s tweets at least — a lot of people are wondering when some other politicians are going to get their own “get the facts” link, like the tweet earlier where Gov. Andrew Cuomo passed the blame onto nursing homes for complying with his order that they accept COVID-19 patients: “Get the facts on Cuomo’s executive order that killed thousands.”

What we really want to see is the first fact-check on a Joe Biden tweet. Biden likes to lie — he’s claimed the NAACP has endorsed him every time he’s run (they don’t endorse candidates), and he’s still running with the Charlottesville hoax that Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people.”

This came from the Biden campaign Tuesday, and it really does deserve the fact-check treatment.

We do anxiously await the first Twitter fact-check of a Biden campaign tweet.