You have to watch for about a minute and a half for White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to flame a reporter who asked how many dead Americans we could have and still proclaim success over the coronavirus. We’re not sure what to call it — COVID-porn? — but a lot of people seem really, really anxious for the U.S. death toll to reach 100,000, as the front page of the New York Times Sunday made clear by posting snippets of obituaries.

Watch as McEnany tells the masked reporter his question isn’t any better the second time he asks it,  in which he questions what voters will think in November about the number of dead. How many deaths will they tolerate when they enter the voting booth?

Yeah, Jonah Goldberg’s not a fan, likening McEnany to a “Twitter troll” because she fires back at accusatory questions.

Has anyone else noticed that the Chinese propaganda effort to remove themselves entirely from blame has worked perfectly? It’s all about Trump, even the nursing home deaths in New York.


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