Last Tuesday, Twitchy reported a big conflict of interest when Joe Biden revealed that the featured speaker at his virtual “fireside chat” fundraiser would be none other than Andrew Weissmann, the prosecutor in the Robert Mueller investigation that crashed and burned — not that Weissmann was biased in his work or anything.

Seeing as Weissman is an MSNBC legal analyst, and how dedicated MSNBC is to playing it straight down the middle when it comes to politics, it turns out network policy compelled “legendary prosecutor” Weissmann to terminate his contract with MSNBC so that he could appear at Biden’s fireside chat.

Brent Scher reports:

The Free Beacon reported on Friday afternoon that Weissmann’s political activity would put him in violation of the network’s longstanding employee policy on political activity. The policy prohibits employees from making political contributions or participating in any campaign event without prior approval from the president of NBC News.

Reports of Weissmann’s involvement in the Biden campaign fundraiser gave fuel to supporters of President Donald Trump, who have long charged that Weissmann was biased against the president.

“It doesn’t get any swampier than this: trying to stage a partisan coup against the president and then raising money for his political opponent,” said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

When we first read Scher’s tweet, we’d thought Weissmann had pulled out of the fundraiser to comply with MSNBC policy, but instead, he’s quitting the legal analyst gig so he can go ahead and headline Biden’s fireside chat. It really doesn’t get any swampier than that, when MSNBC looks like the unbiased party in the equation.

We wouldn’t be surprised. They have a bunch of Russian collusion hoaxers on board.

Crazy, huh?

It was a bad look when it was announced, and it looks even swampier now.