Yes, President Trump golfed this weekend … it was such big news that CNN sent a photographer with a really long lens to get some blurry shots of Trump golfing with three others while not wearing a mask. That was Saturday, though, although a lot of Resistance types sent around that photo of Trump golfing next to the photo of the New York Times front page listing victims of the COVID-19 pandemic (and murder, apparently).

Former OFA guy and Julian Castro’s communications director Sawyer Hackett did something similar for Memorial Day, tweeting out a photo of the Bidens leaving their home for the first time since mid-March visiting the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veterans Memorial Park next to a shot of Trump golfing.

To be fair, Hackett weaseled his way out of this trick by saying this is how they spent their “weekend.”

At least they let him out of the basement to show he can still walk.

* * *


Come on, man!