The question of whether trans women should compete in girls’ sports has been argued for a long time now, and some of the lads at The Daily Wire addressed the controversy recently. Media Matters for America was monitoring, of course, and has busted Shapiro for referring to trans women as “biological males” and Michael Knowles for also claiming that the athletes are not females: “They’re not girls, and they are certainly not female,” he said on his podcast.

“Grown ass men commenting about teenagers’ genitals, disgusting” — that’s hilarious.

Alex Paterson writes:

Across several pieces of online content and podcasts, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles attacked and misgendered two trans teenagers at the center of a lawsuit from extreme anti-LGBTQ group Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) that seeks to prevent them from competing in girls’ sports. The lawsuit alleges that a Connecticut policy allowing trans athletes to compete in sports that align with their gender identity violates federal sex discrimination protections under Title IX.

Since May 11, the reliably anti-trans outlet and pundits have posted four podcast segments that received over 215,000 views on YouTube and two articles that earned a combined 158,000 interactions on Facebook. The pundits repeatedly misgendered the teen athletes and fearmongered about trans-inclusive sports, with Knowles claiming that recognizing transgender people is part of an agenda to end “objective reality.”

The only thing we learned from that is The Daily Wire is drawing some great numbers on YouTube and Facebook.

It gets worse; behold:

We’re just glad Media Matters is on the case and doing what it can to ruin girls’ sports.