Obama bro Ben Rhodes was the one who famously commanded the media “echo chamber,” and fellow Obama bro Tommy Vietor is even repeating Rhodes after a newly declassified list of Obama administration officials who sought the unmasking of Michael Flynn was handed over to Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. Here’s Rhodes again:

And here’s Tommy Vietor, reminding us what the real scandal is here.

Why would President Trump want revenge? For what? Did somebody do something, possibly by weaponizing the intelligence community?

And “immediately pushing out career professionals” is one of the jobs we hired Donald Trump to do — the corrupt ones anyway.

He really is. The man gets things done.

As a bonus, here’s a flashback from CNN contributor Garrett M. Graff also dismissing Grenell as a Twitter troll while playing up James Clapper:

Underestimate Grenell at your own peril.


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