As Twitchy recently reported, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan isn’t just giving in to the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the charge against Michael Flynn. He’s appointed a retired judge named John Gleeson “to present arguments in opposition to the government’s motion to dismiss.” In other words, it looks like Sullivan is still trying to pursue charges against Flynn, particularly contempt of court for perjury, even though the government had decided there’s no ethical reason to pursue the case.

Law professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley has already weighed in on Sullivan, but he says this latest move is “unnerving.”

Judge Sullivan most definitely appears “too invested” in Flynn’s punishment.

We’re hearing that a lot, and it’s next to certain that President Trump would pardon Flynn.

You mean the “private” phone call with former administration officials in which he incorrectly claimed Flynn had been found guilty of perjury, whose audio just happened to be “obtained” and published by Yahoo News’ Michael Isakoff? And now the judge is looking for a way to find Flynn guilty of perjury. Hmm.


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