As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, ABC 13 picked a curious photo to go with its story of a bazooka found during a raid in downtown Houston. The tweet’s since been deleted, either because of the photo or because authorities later said a bazooka was not found among the stash of weapons.

That was definitely the media’s gun moment of the day, but Jesse Kelly wants to know which is your favorite media gun moment of all time. He’s provided four options, although we’d also nominate former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh showing off the “rocket launcher” the city picked up at one of its gun buyback events.

So what do we have: the “bazooka,” a HuffPost reporter asking if anyone could confirm that “rubber bullets” (that were actually earplugs) were fired in Ferguson, Missouri, USA Today’s graphic of the AR-15 with the “chainsaw bayonet” attachment, or the New York Daily News reporter who claims he suffered from PTSD after firing an AR-15 at a shooting range.

Some people have made it happen.

This guy, though he’s since deleted the tweet.

And those were just four.


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